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AJF Government Bond Preservation is closed

AJF launches AJF Government Bond Preservation 3/49 Fund

AJF Fixed Income 11/48 Fund was sold out.

AJF launches AJF Fixed Income 11/48 Fund

Dividend Payment of AJF Star Capital Fund and AJF Star Income Fund

AJF Opportunity Fund reduces Trustee Fee

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Marginal in society, and even in the political sphere since the legislation on the subject is very recent, household waste has also been in scientific research, although they represent problems and risks of obvious pollution. This is particularly true in the social sciences which have invested little in this field when their place was legitimate. The research carried out is mainly technical and places the technical solution at its center. The examination of the bibliographic production oand the Ministry confirms this and reveals the little confidence placed in research other than technical research on this object.

Whether it is physical geography or social geography, household waste has never been a central object of the discipline. The first geographers to be specialists and pioneers in their discipline on this subject found it difficult to be recognized. Their research, although innovative, was little considered because it did not fit into the paradigms, theoretical debates and legitimate issues of geography. This research focuses on the analysis of the interface between what one could call social systems (population, origin or social level, behavior) and waste (nature, production), and the implications of this interface in the space. A quote often comes up when talking about his research: show me your trash, I will tell you who you are! They also tackle the question of the marginality of waste and the marginality of the spaces in which they are located. Margins and marginal spaces echo the marginality of waste management systems.


Information as of  04/01/13

  Money Market/Fixed Income Series  
  AJF Cash Management Fund 10.1138  
  AJF Star Income Fund 10.0027  
  AJF Fixed Income 9/48 Fund 10.0524  
  AJF Fixed Income 10/48 Fund 10.0265  
  AJF Fixed Income 11/48 Fund 10.0035  
  AJF Government Bond Preservation 3/49 Fund 10.0000  
  AJF Star Plus Fund 15.2637  
  Krungsri Ayudhya Fund 2 10.1799  
  AJF Star Multiple Fund 12.8826  
  Flexible Fund  
  AJF Opportunity Fund 16.2820  
  Equity Series  
  AJF Star Capital Fund 18.3705  
  AJF Star Equity Fund 9.7008  
  AJF Star Dynamic Fund 8.7274  
  AJF Star Dynamic Fund 2 8.7675  
  AJF Star Technology Fund 13.3802  
  Foreign Investment Fund  
  AJF Global Convertible Bond Fund 13.3228  
  Retirement Mutual Funds  
  AJF Cash RMF 10.0399  
  AJF Gov. Bond RMF 9.9776  
  AJF Taweesap RMF 24.7029  
  Capital Preservation/Guarantee Series  
  Ayudhya Guarantee Fund 2 10.1008  
  AJF Capital Preservation Fund * 1.1181  
  AJF Sathien Sap Fund 10.1406  
  AJF Sang Kamrai Fund 10.2206  
  Long Term Equity Funds  
  AJF Dividend Stock LTF 11.1334  
  AJF SET50 LTF 11.1979  
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*The par value of AJF Capital Preservation Fund is
Bt 1 / unit