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While we offer a number of mutual funds to meet the investors' financial needs, we are also trying to make the investment process as convenient as possible. This section explains how you can become our valued unit-holder.

It it preferable to only invest the money you do not need for your regular expenses. Our funds are mostly tailored for long-term investment with no rush to withdraw so you fully benefit from all portfolio appreciation.

Investing properly needs to let time make its effect as months or sometimes years are needed for the market to fully reflect the true value of a basket of assets.

The financial theory behind this is that market prices are made of a signal plus noise components. The noise also called volatility or variance is large compared to the signal so that at any particular point in the time the market value of an asset can significantly diverge from its true value because of the noise. But under a long-term horizon this relationship shifts, with the effect of the signal part increasing and the effect of volatility decreasing gradually. Variance is why we can find buying opportunities in the short-term, while signal is why we are confident that the true value will be ultimately reflected in the stock price.

Remember to only invest with the money you do not need. Do not take a loan to buy our products even though we guarantee the highest level of financial acumen and decision making. But investing in the stock market is inherently risky and in case of a market crash you could suffer a large loss that may take a prolonged period of patience and waiting to recover.

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Account Opening

Once you reach the decision to invest in AJF Mutual Funds, the next step
is to open a fund account and pay for your first investment. To do this,
you can select from a list of agents the institution with whom you have
an existing relationship. In case yours are not on the list, or you find it inconvenient to go through any of the agents, you may contact AJF directly.

At the agent, you can complete the fund account opening form and signature card, and forward the following required supporting documents
to us. (All documents are to be certified true copy). This is the safest and fastest way to make your application.

Retail investors
  • A pictured identification card issued by a government agency
    (i.e. Thai ID card, passport)
Corporate investors
  • Company's incorporation document (i.e. Thai Ministry of Commerce Affidavit)
  • Document to show authorized signer(s) and signature requirement(s)
  • A pictured identification card issued by a government agency of each signatory.
To make a payment on your investment, you can deposit a check or use your credit card.

Notes & Recommendations
  • The account name should match that of your cash account. This is to prevent redemption proceeds and dividends from being rejected by your bank.
  • You cannot change the fund account name in the future. The only exception is when you officially change your name.
  • Retail investors should instruct us to withhold tax in the case of dividend payment. If there is no such instruction, we will deem that you wish to have the withholding tax deducted at source. For those who do not wish to have the withholding tax deducted, they are responsible for including the dividend income in their annual personal income tax filing with the Thai Revenue Department.
  • To execute transactions and check your account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , you should apply for our online service, AJF@ccess. This is the fastest and most accurate method to retrieve your private information.
  • If you open a fund account at Bank of Ayudhya, you should also apply for an ATM card. It will allow you to be able to transact AJF Mutual Funds transactions at the bank's ATMs later.